Hardwood Installation

Let’s get prepared for your new hardwood installation!

Hardwood Installation In Vancouver, WA

We are proud to be your hardwood installation experts, and these helpful steps will help the process go as smoothly as possible inside your home.

Before Hardwood Installation:

First, remove all furniture, electronics, and wall hangings from the rooms getting the new hardwood, as well as the closets in these rooms. Since hardwood cannot be installed over existing flooring, the old flooring will need to be pulled up, removed entirely, and properly disposed of. Now, it’s time to assess the subfloor and repair any imperfections if it’s not perfectly level. Bring the hardwood planks into the home to acclimate before installation for at least 2-3 days prior. 

During Hardwood Installation:

When the big day comes, you need to plan to be home during installation. You need to be on hand to answer any questions that arise and designate an area for the crew to keep tools and cut planks as needed. Keep all kids, pets, and family members away from the rooms receiving new hardwood and away from the designated work area. New hardwood installation can take around one to three days. 

After Hardwood Installation:

Allow some time for the hardwood floor to settle after installation, and your installer will provide the waiting period before it’s appropriate to walk on the floor. When you bring furniture back in the room, use proper moving equipment with wheels or lift entirely. Never drag furniture across your hardwood floors. Use a gentle bristle broom, dust mop, or vacuum to remove dust and debris from the installation process.