Carpet Care & Maintenance

Learn how to keep your stunning carpets looking pristine.

Carpet Care In Vancouver, WA

We are your carpet care experts in Vancouver, WA, and these helpful steps will help you maintain the beauty of your soft surfaces.

Carpet Care Steps | Carpet USA

Regular Carpet Care

The key to regular carpet care is keeping dirt and debris off the surface before the particles become abrasive. Use mats at all entranceways and have guests remove footwear before walking on your carpet. Keep your pet’s nails and claws trimmed, and brush pets regularly to reduce the amount of dander. Vacuum your carpet with a suitable model as frequently as possible, and your plush pile will continue to shine!

Cleaning Carpet

When spills or accidents do occur on your carpet, treat them as promptly as possible to keep stains from forming! Remove any solid material gently with a spoon. Now use a clean white cloth and warm water to blot the spill, working from the outside to the center. Use a gentle carpet-specific cleaner to spot treat as needed, and we recommend 1-2 professional carpet cleanings annually to help remove any stains completely.

Cleaning Your Carpet | Carpet USA

About Carpet Care Guidelines

For any other questions about cleaning carpet, always make sure to consult your carpet manufacturer’s guidelines and warranty information.