Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can be quite the investment and responsibility. Luckily, there are alternatives to hardwood that can offer the same design appeal without the price tag and special care. One of those options is laminate flooring, which can be made to very closely mimic the look of hardwood flooring. Here are some of the other advantages of laminate flooring over hardwood.

Easy Cleaning: Laminate flooring products have wear layer that protects them from most stains and spills, making your floor easier to clean and maintain. The majority of your efforts to care for a laminate floor would be made in sweeping or vacuuming to get rid of dirt and other particles that will gradually erode the wear layer.

Easy Installation: Installing a laminate “click-together” floor is one of the easiest do-it-yourself home improvement projects you can take on. Advancements in manufacturing have made it so you don’t even need to use an adhesive. All you have to do is put down an underlayment material, and then snap the planks together one by one until the whole floor is finished– which can be done in as little as one day. Continue reading

The Right Carpet Fiber & Construction For Your Lifestyle

Red Plush Carpet and HardwoodWhen choosing new carpet for a room in your home, it’s not a simple as just picking out a pretty pattern or color, you have to take practical matters into account. Where is the carpet to be placed in your home? What kind of traffic does that area get?

No matter what room you’re updating, you’ll want to choose the carpet carefully. It would be pointless to choose a cream-colored, high-pile luxury carpet for busy entry ways and hallways.  You’ll wind up in despair over the wear and struggling with stains only to replace the carpet within a year or two.

To understand what type of carpet you need, it helps to have some background knowledge of how carpet is made and the different types available.

Fiber Types

The vast majority of all modern carpets are made from synthetic materials, such as  Polyester, Olefin (Polypropylene), Nylon and Triexta.  You can also find natural carpet fiber made of wool. Continue reading

How Hardwood Floors Can Make Your Home Healthier

parent and child's feet on hardwood floorIt is no secret that hardwood floors are a major favorite for homeowners. There are many other flooring options that have gained and lost popularity over the years, but wood has always been a top choice. Apart from the understated elegance and value that hardwood floors can add to your home, they can also benefit your health. Research suggests that choosing wood over carpet, for example, can actually improve the air quality in your home.

The answer to how hardwood floors can improve indoor air quality lies in the natural composition of wood and the structures of hardwood floors. There are four major contaminants that are known to cause air pollution and respiratory ailments:

Understanding Carpet Warranties

Understanding Carpet WarrantiesIf a warranty is a major factor in your selection of carpet, before you buy, it’s important to understand exactly what carpet warranties are all about. Many warranties have strict rules about care that aren’t clearly explained to the consumer, and if they aren’t followed, the warranty is void. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common carpet warranties and the lesser-known conditions you should be aware of.

First and foremost, nearly every warranty has a condition requiring that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 18-24 months. So, unless you have a receipt from a certified cleaner, your claim is almost certain to be denied.

Wear Warranty

Most carpet makers offer a 10 Year Wear Warranty, which sounds great to most people. But, if your definition of “wear” relates to maintaining appearance, you are certain to be disappointed. Wear, by a carpet maker’s definition, is loss of pile fiber, and an acceptable amount of loss is generally built into the warranty. It is typically expected for a carpet to lose 10 percent of its fiber over that time. If more loss should occur, under the 10 year wear warranty, the mill is only obligated to replace the specific section that has excessive fiber loss. It is extremely rare for a mill to replace an entire carpet under this type of warranty. Continue reading

What You Don’t Know About Your Vacuum Could Ruin Your Carpet

Vacuuming looped carpetYou did your research and were thoughtful in selecting the beautiful carpet that covers the floors in your home. But, if you intend on pushing around the same old vacuum to clean it, you could be putting all of that time, money, and effort to waste. If you want to keep your home looking great and extend the life of your carpet (and its warranty), now’s the time to pair your new carpet with the perfect vacuum cleaner.

Since regular vacuuming is essential to proper carpet maintenance, it’s important to understand why certain vacuums work better than others on different types of carpet– especially if your carpet is super soft. When you’re looking at machines with different wheel sizes, special tools, and options for adjusting height, fan speed and beater bar rotation, you’ll want to make your selection based on your carpet’s fiber type and construction. Continue reading

How To Choose The Perfect Hardwood For Your Floors

How To Choose Hardwood FloorsWhen shopping for hardwood flooring for your home, there are several factors to consider. Your choice should compliment the style and decor of your home, but also be appropriate for your lifestyle and the way you use the space. Asking the following questions should help you decide on the perfect type of hardwood flooring.

Will you be covering high-traffic areas?

Special considerations must be made when selecting hardwood flooring for areas that get a lot of foot (and paw) traffic because dirt, moisture, scratches, and spills can have an effect of the color and finish of the wood. Darker woods and finishes typically show more scratches and damage than lighter ones. The natural grain patterns that are more visible in lighter-colored wood make it possible for scratches or fading to blend in. Continue reading

5 Tips For Buying Carpet Remnants

Carpet RemnantsAre you looking for an inexpensive way to makeover a room in your home? Few things are more cost effective when changing the look of a room than new flooring, and all you need is a carpet remnant.

We keep hundreds of rolls of carpet in stock, and often times when customers purchase what they need we have “remnants” left over, which we make available to you at discounted prices. The size of the pieces won’t be large enough to cover all of the floors in your home, but certainly enough for a room or two. You could also use a remnant to cover stairs, as a hallway runner, or as a rug. Remnants can be found in most styles and colors, and the reduced prices will allow you to afford a better quality piece of flooring.

To help you find a carpet remnant you’ll love, here are some buying tips. Continue reading

Making The Case For Vinyl Flooring

Easy to install and maintain, long-lasting, and comfortable underfoot

Vinyl flooring became extremely popular for residential use in the 1960s, all but replacing linoleum as the top resilient flooring material. Vinyl took over so thoroughly that it was often confused with linoleum and is still referred to by consumers as linoleum all the time. These two flooring materials are made in different ways, but behave somewhat the same. Like true linoleum, vinyl flooring is sold both in sheets and in tile. Both are more durable and much less expensive than other materials. But, the things that set vinyl apart from linoleum can also be counted as reasons for this shift in homeowner preference. Continue reading

Flooring Face Off: Which Material Is Right For You?

One of the most important decisions you can make when improving your home’s interior is the floor covering. The material you have underfoot can change the feeling and function of a room entirely. It will also determine some of the requirements for installation and future maintenance. Some flooring options lend themselves to certain homeowner priorities. For example, some materials present a cost-effective solution for the next five years while others are more of an investment in your home that you can plan to enjoy for decades. Therefore, before you make a selection, it’s a great idea to research the options and understand which floorings will be better suited for your lifestyle and your budget.

Here are today’s most popular flooring materials: Continue reading