The Latest in Carpet Style Trends

Orange velvet armchair on leopard carpetSpring is upon us once again, and with it comes new trends in fashion, hair, and interior decorating. Many people with an eye toward interior design get creative during spring and want to bring that fresh energy into their home–from drapes to accent pillows to carpets, spring is an welcome inspiration. Stay on the forefront of home decorating by keeping up with the hottest carpet and rug trends that will make your house a stylish, comfortable home. This year’s interior decorating trends involve:

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Three Signs You Could Benefit from New Flooring

hardwood floor room brick wallsDoes your home feel stale and uninspired? There’s no reason you shouldn’t love your house, and oftentimes the most basic change can completely revitalize the look and feel of your place. Replacing your flooring is a perfect way to change up your home. Could your place benefit from new flooring? Here are three signs to look out for that your flooring could use a makeover:

You can’t stand that old living room carpet anymore. Are you sick of looking at that old carpet? If you hate to see stains and wear in your carpet every day, it’s definitely time to make a switch. You’ve got many choices–you can go for a fresh new carpet or go elegant with hardwood flooring. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can opt for laminate flooring that looks like hardwood but costs much less. Laminate flooring also requires less upkeep than true hardwood flooring. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Continue reading

How to Choose Carpeting for Stairs

choosing the best carpet for stairsStairs covered with hardwoods look beautiful, but they sure are noisy, and they can even be dangerous. Anyone could lose their footing, especially small children and seniors, and no amount of style is worth a fall down the stairs. To quiet down foot traffic and make staircases safer, many homeowners are opting to cover them with carpet.

Now you’re wondering, “What type of carpet is the best for covering stairs?” If you’re like most, you want a carpet that fits the style of your home and will hold up nicely under heavy foot traffic. Here are our professional tips:

First, when choosing flooring for any room in your home, it’s crucial to consider your lifestyle and use of the space. Are the stairs used rarely or all day long? Do you have children and/or pets? Your answers to these questions will factor into the decisions you make regarding fiber type, density, pattern and durability rating. Continue reading

The Internet’s Best Floor Cleaning Tips

The Internet's Best Floor Cleaning TipsWe scoured the Web for the best tips for cleaning your floors, and while cleaning is rarely fun, we have to tell you that reading all of this advice was an absolute pleasure!

We discovered endless helpful blog posts written by moms and happy homemakers that will blow your mind and make you laugh out loud. They’ll remind you that we’re all human, we all make messes, and plenty of other people out there have children and pets who smear unspeakable things into carpets and couch cushions. We also found that many of the worst stains and damage can be fixed with the household goods you already have lying around.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Laminate Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile vs. Laminate FlooringCan’t decide between luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring? When it comes to the hard surface flooring industry, there’s a plethora of options. However, vinyl tile and laminate have a lot of similarities starting with cost. They’re both affordable and on a square foot by square foot basis, so price isn’t going to play a factor in which one you choose. They’re also both highly durable—much more so than ceramic tile, hardwood, or stone options. Their affordability and toughness factor is what make them so popular, but how can you narrow down the best option for you?

If you think you’ll decide based on which one looks “more real”, think again. After years of tech advances, both options are great at imitating natural surfaces. Of course, they’re also much easier to care for than truly natural surfaces—there’s no need to re-seal, re-grout or worry over easy scratches with vinyl tile or laminate. Continue reading

Portland’s Beloved #PDXcarpet Soon To Be Replaced

pdxcarpet to be replaced soonSometimes, certain elements of your home or other places you go just stick with you. For many Portland area residents, past and present, the carpet at Portland International Airport (PDX) is one of those elements.

The little geometric windmills in blue, teal, and purple make us nostalgic for the 80’s, and they should, because that carpet was designed in 1987 and has covered the floors at PDX since 1993. It’s based on the view of the intersecting runways from the tower. Travelers have been hustling across the carpet for more than 20 years, and unfortunately, it shows. In every terminal you can see significant wear, stains, tears, and piecemeal repairs, so in June 2013 the airport decided that it’s time for a replacement.

But, over the past several years, this carpet has become an icon of the Rose City, and for many, it represents home.

Travelers from every corner of the globe stop to take photos of their feet firmly planted on it, and share their travel stories on social media. This has become such a phenomenon that the carpet and the locals who love it have earned PDX the honor of being named America’s Best Airport by Travel and Leisure Magazine. (Other things like on-time flights, good restaurants, and the convenience to MAX also helped.) But it certainly doesn’t stop there. You can now buy t-shirts, hats, socks, bike helmets, phone cases, neckties, and coffee mugs adorned with the carpet pattern, and die-hards have even gotten it tattooed on their bodies. Portland’s adoration for its ill-fated airport carpet has become a full on love affair. Continue reading

Your Best Bets for Floors with Pets

Your best bets for floors with petsOur pets are a part of the family, but they can wreak havoc on your floors. Thus, if you want your home to remain presentable, it’s critical to choose a durable flooring material that’s easy to clean.

When picking out your floor, it’s important to consider the effects your pets can have on it; they scratch it, snag it, and stain it. They track in dirt and leave smelly messes, and their food dishes can spill.

With that said, there are some flooring options that are better suited for pets than others. Here are your best bets:


First, you’ll want a carpet that has cut pile rather than looped. Cats, dogs, and other clawed animals can easily pull out the loops and destroy your new carpet in no time. It would also be a great idea to choose a cut-pile carpet with a pattern or uneven texture which will hide any snags they may cause. Second, go with a highly stain-resistant product to give yourself a leg up against dirt and “accident” stains.  Carpet tiles can also be a real life-saver for pet lovers as individual tiles can be replaced separately as necessary. Continue reading

Timeless Flooring Trends To Use In Your Home

timeless flooring trends to use in your homeReady to replace some flooring? You know exactly why the flooring you have has got to go, but settling on what to replace it with is another story. If you’re working in a kitchen or bathroom your options run from naturals like hardwood and tile, to composites like vinyl and laminate. On the other hand, if you’re working in a bedroom, living room, or hallway, softer options like carpet come into play. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure; you don’t want to choose something you (or future buyers) will wind up hating later. There are plenty of fashion forward choices out there, but it’s vitally important to choose a floor that’s not only trendy, but timeless as well. You want something that feels fresh and new, but not something that will be a passing fad. To help you find the perfect flooring solution for your home improvement project, here are a few timeless trends to consider.

Herringbone Hardwoods

You may have noticed zig-zag patterned wood floors popping up on Pinterest and various design blogs recently, but this is nothing new. The herringbone and chevron floor patterns, also known as parquet, have been a traditional floor pattern in Europe for centuries. The difference between the two is very subtle: herringbone uses rectangular planks set perpendicularly to create a broken zigzag, while chevron planks are cut at a 45 degree angle and laid to create a continuous zigzag. Either can be installed with or without a border. However, installing hardwood planks or tiles in this pattern is no easy task, even for a professional, so it’s best to get help from someone who’s done it at least once before.

Large Tiles

Tile sizes traditionally focused on 12 x 12”. But consumers love options, and thus, along came 18×18” tile sizes which were very practical and fit most room dimensions. Eventually 20×20”, 24×24”, and even 36×36” tiles became available as well.  The benefit of using large tiles, particularly in a small room, is that they visually expand the space. There are fewer grout lines to cut up the floor and distract the eye. Continue reading

7 Benefits of Residential Rubber Flooring

rubber flooringBecause of its durability and ergonomics, rubber has been a popular flooring material in commercial spaces for a long time (hospitals and clinics, gyms, kitchens, etc.). It’s the perfect floor for areas where people work for long hours or where liquids are frequently spilled. But, with a number of design advancements, homeowners are now discovering that rubber can also be a practical choice for residential applications– both indoors and outdoors. Below we’ve listed some of the greatest advantages of using this resilient– and dare we say it, stylish–material in your home.

Durability: This is often considered rubber’s most significant benefit. Because of its remarkable density, this material is highly resistant to dirt and grime, helping you cut back on cleaning and maintenance. It can withstand heavy loads and extreme wear without gouging, scuffing, or scratching. A rubber floor can last for 20 years or more, but as with other materials, that will depend on the product quality, where it is installed, and how it is cared for. Continue reading

How To Choose Tile Flooring For Your Kitchen

kitchen with ceramic tile floorUpdating your kitchen is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects. It can improve your quality of life and increase your home’s resale value. But, when it comes to design, choosing the right colors and textures while staying in budget can be quite a challenge.  If you can hire a designer to help you through the process, you’re in good shape. But for the rest of us, it’s crucial to proceed with caution and avoid making costly design mistakes.

If you’ve decided to go with a tile floor for your kitchen, here are some tips for choosing the right material:

Ceramic Tile

  • Ceramic tile is best known for it’s durability. In fact, tiles exist in Pompeii that are still pristine after 2,000 years. However, they are vulnerable to chips and cracks from impact.
  • This kind of tile is a smart choice for kitchens because it’s completely moisture resistant, won’t harbor germs, and it’s easy to clean.
  • There are virtually limitless color, style, and pattern options in ceramic tiles, from traditional stone looks to bold, expressive colors. One can easily create a retro or contemporary design.
  • Ceramic tiles are an environmentally friendly material, made from only clay, water and fire.
  • Tiles can vary in size and color in production runs, so make sure the caliber number (size) and lot number (color) are consistent throughout your order.
  • While installation can be done on your own, professional help is strongly recommended, especially if your kitchen floor is anything other than a perfect, uninterrupted square. Our installation experts can help you with corners and rounded edges.
  • Ceramic tiles can range from $2-$10 per square foot. Continue reading