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Making The Case For Vinyl Flooring

Easy to install and maintain, long-lasting, and comfortable underfoot

Vinyl flooring became extremely popular for residential use in the 1960s, all but replacing linoleum as the top resilient flooring material. Vinyl took over so thoroughly that it was often confused with linoleum and is still referred to by consumers as linoleum all the time. These two flooring materials are made in different ways, but behave somewhat the same. Like true linoleum, vinyl flooring is sold both in sheets and in tile. Both are more durable and much less expensive than other materials. But, the things that set vinyl apart from linoleum can also be counted as reasons for this shift in homeowner preference.

The Bright Side Of Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Tile Carpet USA

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tile. Mesa Stone – Canyon Shadow

First, vinyl has greater brightness and translucency, giving it a virtually endless range of color and pattern options. With advances in printing technology, it can now be made to mimic natural, more expensive materials like stone and hardwood so closely that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Second, with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as it’s central ingredient, vinyl’s surface is practically indestructible. This means you can live on it without caution, clean it with just about anything, and not worry about the floor getting damaged. And, it has proven to be warmer and softer underfoot than other materials (with the exception of carpet, of course). That softness will be more forgiving for everyday accidents, which could save your favorite coffee mug the next time it hits the kitchen floor. The latest development in vinyl flooring is the addition of fiberglass to the core of the material, adding even more strength and cushion.

Choosing A Vinyl Product

If you’re sold on sheet vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tile as the best material for you, now comes the fun part. You get to decide exactly which variety will be the perfect fit for your home, lifestyle and budget. To help guide your selection, there are a few things to know about how vinyl products differ and how those differences affect price. Vinyl products typically range from a dollar or two per square foot on up.

Vinyl flooring is composed of several layers of material, starting with a backing of felt or fiberglass and a PVC core. The next layer is where the limitless decorative designs come in. Vinyl that is surface printed won’t last as long but will cost less. Patterns inlaid with color that extends through the full thickness of the material will last much longer and cost more.

The next and final layer is called the wear layer, and it’s also the most important. The wear layer will help your vinyl flooring resist scratching, staining, denting and tearing. A thicker and more durable wear layer will provide higher quality and a longer manufacturer warranty, but also bigger price tag. The best vinyl products available incorporate nylon and aluminum oxide into the wear layer, making it last even longer.

While most of us prefer to keep costs to a minimum, it’s important to understand that, like any other product, you get what you pay for. Vinyl that costs a dollar per square foot may not last as long, causing you to have to replace it before you had intended to. Purchase the best quality vinyl you can afford and you’ll save in the long run.

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